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About Island1515 Kitchen & Rhum Bar 

Experience Your No. 1 casual dining Caribbean Cuisine Restaurant in Texas.

Island1515 Kitchen & Rhum Bar is a restaurant and bar located in downtown Houston, TX adjacent to the Toyota Center Parking garage. When you visit Island1515 Kitchen & Rhum Bar you feel the vibrant, friendly and tropical atmosphere of the Caribbean. You will enjoy the exquisite, colorful and fresh cuisine with all the flava and spice of true homemade Caribbean dishes. The casual and relaxed ambiance paired with a plentiful bar menu and its astonishing collection of island rums from various regions of the Caribbean used to create custom cocktails rooted in the regional rhythms of the islands. Island1515 Kitchen & Rhum Bar family welcomes you into our restaurant home.

Caribbean Cuisine History;

The Caribbean Island are a chain of more than 7,000 islands, measuring 2,500 miles from the coast of Florida to Venezuela. The largest islands known as the West Indies are; Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola, which represents the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
Caribbean cooking is a combination of the cuisine from all the islands. Many distinct cultures have influenced and are associated with Caribbean cuisine. The oldest known is the Amerindians, which consist of the Carib and Arawak tribes from South America. They lived on these islands when Christopher Columbus arrived in America. The Amerindians farmed cassava, corn, sweet potatoes, garlic, tobacco and many varieties of peppers. European influences came from the Spanish in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico; the French in Haiti, St. Martin, Guadeloupe, St. Barths and Martinique; the British in the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada; and the Dutch in St. Maarten, Aruba and Curacao. African slaves introduced pigeon peas, beans, yams, okra, ackee, and taro. Also the indentured servants from India and China brought their original foods and cooking methods to these islands. The East Indians introduced yogurt, curries, spices, and ghee (clarified butter). The Chinese contributed rice, orange and their own cultural cooking methods.

Some island has spicier foods than others. Cuba, The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico cook with mild bell peppers, while the rest of the Caribbean uses fiery peppers. In the Virgin Islands, Scotch Bonnet, Congo or Habanero peppers are widely used and are considered to be some of the hottest condiments in the world!

The combination of rice and beans is very popular throughout the Caribbean. In Cuba, black beans are served on top of rice. The beans in Jamaica are red, and the mixture is flavored with coconut milk. On some other islands, the rice and beans combination are seasoned with sweet peppers and tomatoes, bacon or hot peppers.

Riz djon-djon et le griot is rice and a type of lima bean from Haiti that is cooked in broth with dark mushrooms from Haitian highlands. In the British Virgin Islands, rice is combined with pigeon peas; a yellow pea-like seed that originally came from Africa Caribbean cuisine today has the influences of a diverse group of people. It is flavored with aromatic seasonings, tropical fruits, a vast variety of delectable seafood, exotic prepared meats and poultry dishes.

Mission Statement

At Island1515 Kitchen & Rhum Bar we strive to deliver a unique and exceptional dining experience. We want you to have the best of worlds, a restaurant and a lounge, all under the same roof. Our recipe for a unique experience includes a dash of originality, a heaping amount of attention to detail, quality ingredients, the spice of life and live music. We want you to savor every bite, find bliss in every sip of your drink and revel in the moment as you are carried away to the Caribbean without ever leaving Houston. Welcome to Island1515 Kitchen & Rhum Bar!

Island1515 Kitchen & Rhum Bar is managed and operated by Chef Gen “Goldfinger” Barclay, a successful entrepreneur who was raised as a child with roots heavily nurtured in Grenada, West Indies. With homeland traditions learned from her great Aunt, from Belmont, St. Georges, she has been able to nurture unique connections between diverse cultures, by bringing Houston to the Caribbean.

Caribbean food and music traditions represent a unique, cultural fusion from Africa all the way to China. At Island1515, we celebrate not only the flavor of this distinct culture, but also the flare! Taste delicious island dishes while listening to music as diverse as the food itself. Home to soulful renderings of Calypso, Reggae and Soca, Calabash Island Eats is your one stop destination for all things Caribbean.